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Welcome to YIPIN Pigments

Color Pigments worldwide

For more than 80 years the company YIPIN Pigments Co. Ltd. Shanghai has been producing Pigments and became a leading manufacturer of Iron Oxide and Color Pigments in China.
In the Chinese market YIPIN is one of the famous brands and at the top of the biggest producers. The production range comprises various standard and special pigments used in paint, varnish, ceramic, plastic, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

Our Products

Innovative Pigment Technology

Iron Oxide Pigments

Industry Sectors:

Construction, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, mulch, ceramics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Chrome Oxide Pigments

Industry Sectors:

Construction, paints, coatings, glass, rubber and ink, ceramics, cosmetics, plastics and paper.

Heat-Resistant Pigments

Industry Sectors:

Varnishes, coatings, plastics and ceramics.

Titanium Dioxide

Industry Sectors:

Varnishes, coatings, plastics, inks and paper.

Worldwide Innovations

The new plant of YIPIN is China’s most modern Iron Oxide production facility. Its advanced technology comprises disruptive computer-controlled devices to increase efficiency of producing high-quality pigments. The plant is equipped with a steam and water treatment recycling system, making it the most environmentally friendly production site in China.

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