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Titanium Dioxide

The chemical name for titanium dioxide is TiO2.

The titanium iron ore is used as the raw material for TiO2. The production process is differentiated by sulphate and chloride processes, the chloride process being more environmentally friendly than the sulphate process. TiO2 from both manufacturing processes are not toxic.By far, titanium dioxide is now the most common white pigment used. Depending on the application, TiO2 RUTIL Grade, is differentiated, which is the preferred white pigment in the production of wall and printing inks as well as in the coloring of plastic. TiO2 ANATASE-Grade are used in the ceramics and textile industries. The RUTIL-Grade however, has a better coverage and is therefore also referred to as the whiter pigment.

TiO2 can be mixed with all other pigments and allows a lightening of other colors.

We supply TiO2 from European as well as Chinese production. All TiO2 -grades from Chinese production are produced by the sulfate process.

We will be glad to submit you a type that meets your specific requirements.